The solar duo of jazz / soul music with African and Western roots


When two music lovers meet, it gives birth to an exceptional duo. Gwen and Tiana are not a duo of circumstance, but they seem to be united musically.
It is in 2012 that Gwen and Tiana officially form their duo, a duo of afro-jazz and soul music, regulated by the alliance of two remarkably powerful soul voices. The musical genre of Gwen & Tiana is a crossbreed between African rhythmic and jazz sounds with African and Western roots.
The two artists, with their sumptuous voices, attracted the attention of music lovers during many Gospel and Soul concerts they performed in Europe, both as chorus singers and lead singers. These tours will lead them to perform alongside famous artists such as Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai drummer), Ledzek Mozdzer and Martha High (former member of James Brown’s chorus), and even more to sing on the musical stages of Festival of Cannes.
In 2014 an important turning point in the career of Gwen & Tiana took place: The duo will try to build a repertoire similar to their experience and identity. Then begins a process of reflection, research and experimentation that will help them to reach, a year later, a new stage of musical maturity as well a reversal towards an afro-jazz / soul repertoire.
The origins of Gwen and Tiana and their cultural diversity have undoubtedly inspired their musical style.
« We wanted to go beyond Soul, which has always been an important component of our artistic expression. The exploration of African culture makes it possible for us to create links, bridges between Africa and Europe, through a mixed music that reflects our tastes and influences.», they said.

In 2015, a providential encounter with jazz guitarist Femi Temowo, known for having collaborated with Amy Winehouse (Frank, Back to Black), Gregory Porter and George Benson (American guitarist) will change the course of their career.
From this encounter, a dynamic artistic collaboration was developed.
In 2016, Gwen & Tiana released a first EP entitled "African Time", which preceded the release of an album in the spring of 2017, produced by London guitarist Femi Temowo.
It's nice to hear Gwen & Tiana. Their soul vocals soften a music spiced up by African rhythms and jazz. In terms of energy, it is a music that is positive, sparkling and sunny.

Originally from Cameroon and Madagascar, Tiana spent her childhood in Cameroon, lulled by the Jazz and the Soul Music that her parents used to listen to. Very early, Tiana took up the music by learning the classical piano. She then joined traditional choirs and Gospel choirs. Having taken a liking to music, she participated during her graduate studies in France, in several shows and wrote a musical play that she staged herself. After her studies, she joined the “Conservatoire de Musique” in Lille to deepen her musical knowledge.

Gwen spent his childhood in a seething universe of Gospel, and then, a few years later, discovered the Soul. He made his first steps in music in Gabon by working with Gospel artists from his region, being himself Gabonese and Togolese. He later joined France where he will give other dynamics to his musical career. He then collaborated with several gospel artists and took with them the roads of France, the Netherlands and Germany. He later joined the “Ecole de Jazz et de Musiques Actuelles” in Montpellier in order to perfect his achievements and knowledge.

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Gwen & Tiana - "Ominira" (Live)

Gwen & Tiana - African time

Gwen & Tiana - Montreux Jazz Festival

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