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Settled in the South of France since 1990, Cândido Xerinda, multi-instrumentalist artist who grew up with a guitar in his hand, used to appear on stage with his longtime partner, Cécilia, with whom he formed the duo "Candido & Cécilia".

Lovers of music are astonished by this Franco-Mozambican duo with its traditional rhythms and languages - Rhonga and Portuguese -, its African guitar, voices and flute mixed as obvious fact. With their original creations, the two professional singers offer a real change of scenery and a beautiful journey to their roots..

The songs of “Candido & Cecilia” deal with social life, personal stories of Mozambicans, hope in a situation of doubts ... "I like defining our music as the music of sensitive souls" said Cândido Xerinda, because even if we do not exactly understand the lyrics (generally written in Rhonga language), we let ourselves be carried away by the melodies that touch the soul.

For the Mozambican people, the duo "Candido and Cecilia" is "the representative of Mozambican music abroad".
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XIMELIYANA (New Clip) Time Mozam


Vali Massinguita (Cândido & Cécilia feat Time-Mozam)

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